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趣比比(股)有限公司(TRIPBNB CO., LTD)的願景是解決旅客在規劃行程時的各種需求跟問題,我們提供一個簡單方便且易於使用的自助旅遊平台。 當然,我們不會忘記提供友好而優質的服務。 趣比比竭盡全力為旅客提供最佳的服務、價格和品質,希望每個使用此平台的旅客都能獲得賓至如歸的服務。 * 榮獲經濟部中小企業創新研發計畫(SBIR) * 榮獲桃園市政府「地方產業創新研發推動計畫」(SBIR) * 榮獲IAIC新創領航獎 The vision of is to solve problems when travelers do their travel plan and we provide a simple and convenient travel agency platform. is committed to using technology to solve various problems encountered by travelers in the travel planning and travel. Of course, we don’t forget to provide friendly and excellent services. makes every effort to provide the best service, price and quality to travelers , hoping that every travelers who uses this platform to get a home away from home service.

Phone: +886-3-4275466 Address 4F., No. 43, Xinming Rd., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320, Taiwan (R.O.C.)