privacy policy In addition to this website will protect your personal data (including privacy, contact information, etc.) in accordance with the Republic of China Personal Data Protection Law, in order to further understand your own privacy rights, the following will briefly explain your privacy rights: 1. Regarding the storage, deletion and rights of your personal data, you can write to request the exercise of the following rights: (1) In accordance with Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Law, with regard to your personal data, you may request the following rights:  1. Inquiry or request to view or make copies, the company may collect necessary costs according to the law, but the company may refuse the major interests of the company or a third party.  2. Request for supplement or correction.  3. Request to stop collecting, processing or using.  4. You may request to stop collection, processing, use or deletion after the expiration of the data utilization period or the disappearance of a specific purpose, but this company is not required to perform duties or business. . (2) You have the right to be notified: 1. The source of the personal data. 2. The purpose and method of processing. 3. Specific third party identity about your personal data we have disclosed. (3) You have the right to obtain the following information: 1. Update, correct and integrate your personal information. 2. If the processing procedure is illegal, you can request to delete and hide your personal data. (4) You reserve the right to reject all or part of the following procedures: 1. To process your personal data for the purpose of collection under lawful and reasonable circumstances. 2. The purpose of processing your personal information is to send advertising materials or sell services directly to you or provide other online booking services of your preference. (5) You will have the right to stop or terminate the provision of services to you if the personal data provided by you: After being reported or found on this website, it is not enough to confirm your authenticity or other personal data fraud, misappropriation, or false information. This website has the right to stop or terminate the provision of services to you. If you have any inconvenience, please Forgive me. cookie policy In order to facilitate the use of members and users, this website will set and access cookies on your computer. Cookies are a technology used by web servers to communicate with browsers. The settings of this website and some cached data can save users time, display advertisements that are closer to the user's needs, and count the number of visitors to the webpage. 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Jurisdiction, Governing Law and Supplements (1) This contract can replace the written contract with an electronic file. (2) This contract shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China. For members, users or participating in the services provided by this website, for disputes arising from this service, these terms of service and relevant specifications of this service, they agree to use the Taiwan Taoyuan District Court as the court of first instance. The original Chinese documents of the relevant provisions of this contract may be translated into multiple languages. The Chinese version of the translation document is only courteous, office translation. If there is a conflict in the future or there is an inconsistency between the original Chinese version and the translated version, only the original Chinese version shall prevail. This original Chinese version is available on this website (Chinese for language selection) or sent to you according to your e-mail request. (3) If there are unfinished matters in the provisions of this contract, they can be supplemented by the agreement of the two parties. If there is any doubt, the two parties should negotiate and handle the principle of friendship and mutual assistance. (4) When this contract is executed in the form of an electronic file, or when using this website for online booking and travel related services, it is deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to all the contents of the above agreed terms. (5) If you have any questions about the user terms or the privacy policy, cookie policy and other terms on this website, you are welcome to call us (only by phone).