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In order to improve the quality of services on this website, when you use (1) this website or (2) Services on this website ( including discussion forums, notices, comment services, travel updates or other forums where you may post content, such as reviews, messages, materials or other items of the travel experience ( "Interactive Area" ) ) or (3) Via any account, post, email, other service, application or (4) otherwise, Any content such as comments, questions, photos, videos, comments, suggestions, ideas, etc. posted on this website or through other platforms using this website or any services on this website, you are authorizing the website to be non-exclusive, Copyright, perpetual, escrowable, unconditional, enforceable, transferable, irrevocable and fully sublicensable rights may be used in the following ways ( including but not limited to ) :   (1) provides, use , transfer, upload , heavy , modify , run, adapt, translate, distribute, publish , etc. Use of the content , or / and create build derivative works, or in any known and now around the world Then publicly display and publish your content on the media designed and developed . 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(6) Other uses of this website or the main purpose of this website service (7) If you are on this site provided by the contents of this website believe this content violates the provisions , or believe in order to protect this site or other users of this website or membership-based service is reasonably necessary, then this site The right to delete content is reserved without notice. If you do not agree to remove your content from this site, you are welcome to call us (by phone only).   Subject to special attention, this malicious website does not provide, use, transfer, upload, reproduce, modify, run, adapt, translate, distribute, publish , tampering, distribute and other malicious way of utilizing your website to this or to the Service Or content in interactive areas , including through any chat rooms, notices, or other communication forums, and will not be liable in any way for such situations.   You understand that this website has the right to use your content on its own and has the right to decide whether the content is marked by you when using it, and you agree that your content is non-confidential and non-proprietary.   2. With regard to the above authorized use scope, you determine and agree to authorize the use of your content by this website or this website company. To the extent permitted by applicable law, you agree and understand the following statement: (1) You will not ask for any personally identifiable information in the content you provide or in any derivative works or upgrades or updates based on your content ;    (2) You will not oppose this website or This site is licensed person , successors and assigns companies who publish, use, modify, delete, or make use of your content;    (3) you agree not to declare any rights in the content to any and / or all moral rights of the author ;    (4) You agree not to this website and by its licensees , successors and assigns companies who this class moral rights the right to any claim.      3. Restrict authorization If you disagree with the content, or for authorization to be authorized limits, please call us (only through over the phone) , will be further discussed with you the contents of the authorized limits, if not call to inform you consent to authorize and understand the content and the content of the authorization There are no restrictions.   V. Payment process and precautions Hello, the way to pay on this website is to pay at the counter of the hotel or accommodation supplier (or contractor) (or the host) that you booked on the day of check-in.   (1) When you place an order on this website, this website will use the available inventory of the rooms displayed by the supplier (or contractor) on this website as the basis for providing accommodation. Then when you place an order The reservation transaction between you and the hotel reservation is set up. At this time, you will receive an email from this website notifying you that your order has been successful and the hotel accommodation coupon.   After that, if it is found that the booked room is unavailable and extra costs occur, this website will not be responsible for the additional costs and liability. The cover of this website is based on the available quantity shown by the supplier's inventory on this website. This website will only assist you and suppliers (or contractors) in dealing with such issues.     (2) On this website, booking more than five rooms in the same time period will be considered as a group booking. At this time, you must confirm with the accommodation party, otherwise there is a risk of cancellation of the reservation, which is borne by you, and therefore born This website is not responsible for damages.   (3) When you complete the transaction on this website, you will get an email with the hotel accommodation ticket. The notes about the hotel accommodation ticket are as follows:   1. After obtaining the hotel accommodation voucher, if there are any changes (including changes, cancellations, etc.), please inform within the free cancellation period. If the free cancellation period is exceeded, it will be charged based on the cancellation terms signed by you and the host. (Please note: If the reservation is a non-refundable promotional rate or non-refundable reservation, there is no free cancellation period, and changes, cancellations and other changes must be charged in full.)   2. Different countries have different legal age requirements for persons with full capacity. Please check and check the accommodations of hotels or youth hotels in various countries before departure. The age limit for passengers who check in is different.   3. If you arrive at the hotel , if there is no additional local tax , you do not need to pay extra ; if you do , you need to bear the additional local tax . Another part of the country or for the hotel guests will be subject to additional taxes, such as: environmental protection fee, city tax ( City Tax ), facility fee, spa tax and so on. Such taxes are not included in the room rate and must be paid directly by the guest to the hotel.   4. The three or four-person room is a room type that can be accommodated by three or four people. The room type may be a double bed or only one bed. Whether to provide extra beds is mainly based on hotel specifications. Some hotels need to provide extra beds on site. Additional price will be charged. Please inquire with the host before booking. If there is no inquiry, you are not entitled to request any service or amount from this website.   5. Children's policies are different in each hotel, and there is no uniform standard for bed age. When there are children staying with you, please be sure to note or inform the child's birth date or the customer service staff before ordering, so as to check whether additional costs are incurred . If the customer service staff is not notified in advance or the remarks are not included in the order, and the derived child should pay or is refused to stay at the hotel, the passenger is responsible. 
  6. General international hotels can check in from about 2pm to 6pm ; check out time is from 10am to noon. The actual check-in time and departure time should be based on the hotel announcement. In addition, if early check-in or late check-out is required, the hotel will add an additional fee. Instead of the typical typical hotel accommodation types, such as youth hostels, homestays, etc., there will be special check-in and check-out rules. Please check on your own.   7. If the check-in time is more than 6:00 pm or it is not possible to check in within the specified time of the hotel, you must contact the hotel in advance to reserve the room ; if you do not notify the hotel and delay your stay, the hotel reserves the right to treat the passenger as a check-in , And cancel the reservation for other purposes, the loss of the unoccupied and the derived costs, you are responsible for yourself.   8. When you check in at a hotel, some hotels will collect a deposit (in cash or credit card) as a deposit for all private consumption during the stay. When checking out, please settle the payment yourself. If there is no consumption, the deposit will be refunded when checking out. Or you may require a credit or debit card to pay for incidentals during your stay .   9. If you need to extend your stay abroad, please settle the payment with the hotel yourself. If it is necessary to shorten the stay date or other changes to the original reservation period, it must be handled through this website, otherwise it will be deemed invalid.   10. If you still refuse to stay at the hotel when you stay at the hotel with this accommodation voucher, please call the Taiwan emergency telephone number on the accommodation voucher as soon as possible to contact this website. If you cannot contact us, please be sure to obtain all payment vouchers from the hotel so that you can return to your home country. Handle refunds. After obtaining the voucher, the passenger must apply for a refund to this website within 14 days from the date of return to the country.   11. You are responsible for obtaining the relevant documents to reach your destination. This website is not responsible for any conditions or costs caused by the lack of any documents . Some countries are limiting the United States, Europe and other countries to enter the nationality of travelers , so you can not travel all the problems arising from the contract for accommodation, your responsibility , this website is not liable for damages, you yourself have confirmation of orders .   (D) This site will ask you to provide your bank account (credit card numbers), but this site is not will first your pre-authorize your credit card to book your occupation payable amount (pre-authorized gold, not yet, please note that paragraph) , Only when the order is completed, transfer your credit card information to the host, and the host will pre-authorize to you. Moreover, this website will not leave your credit card-related information.   Whether you are in the period of time you scheduled stay, then this website neither pre-authorized credit cards, banks will be provided to you for your money , will cover the payments directly to book the hotel you stay in . If you do not stay on when you book the date or line beyond each accommodation suppliers during the unsubscribe hesitation (termination) (refundable booking type of orders) or non-performance of contract stay , accommodation according to your party will stay with the party The signed contract will be charged by the accommodation to the bank for the non-performance or cancellation of the contract from the amount previously authorized by you .   Note: This website does not charge any supplier (or contractor) (or accommodation)   If the room you booked is a non-refundable booking , the supplier (or contractor) may still provide you with the room you originally booked when you unsubscribe or fail to fulfill the check-in contract on this website . Bank credit card pre-authorization amount of application of the predetermined full paragraph item .   (5) The contract fee for cancellation or non-performance of the stay is a proportionate refund of the total amount of the pre-collected agreed house price, which is charged according to the refund agreement signed between you and the supplier (or contractor).     (6) Cancel (Cancel) or Change Reservation 1. After logging in to your account on this website, you can change or cancel your scheduled accommodation in the "Booking History" online, or call our customer service hotline to change or cancel it.   2. You agree to pay the supplier (or contractor) (or the host) the necessary cancellation or change fees under certain conditions (in accordance with the contract between you and the host). In a few cases, some hotels do not allow travelers to make changes or cancellations after booking (ie non-refundable room reservations). You agree to abide by the terms of use imposed by the prepaid hotel reservation.   3. If the hotel (supplier or contractor or the host) cannot fulfill your reservation , this site will not be responsible for any costs incurred due to the replacement of the hotel without blame for this site. This website will do our best to make your complaint to the host and confirm the process.   4. If you are unable to check in on the first night of your booking date and plan to check in later, please make sure to confirm your reservation with this website before the original check-in date to avoid cancellation of the entire booking record. If you do not confirm the reservation change with this website, this website may cancel the entire reservation record, the accommodation party may charge you for the cancellation or non-performance of the accommodation contract, and this website will not charge you any fees.   5. In the case that the room you booked is refundable and you cancel the reservation during the hesitation period, if you have cancelled the reservation on this website, you will also receive an email from this website confirming that you have cancelled the order. At the same time, the accommodation party You will also receive an email that you have cancelled your reservation. When you receive an e-mail from this website confirming that your order has been cancelled, your reservation with the restaurant (supplier or contractor or host) is cancelled. However, you will still be charged for the hotel you originally booked afterwards. This website will not be liable for compensation and will only assist you in handling the problem to the accommodation party. The system of this website will be set up when you cancel the order. In addition to receiving an email notification that your order has been cancelled, you will also be forced to check with the website (or supplier or contractor) to confirm that the room has been cancelled, otherwise the host (or supplier or contractor) will be on the shelves The room (that is, the room you originally booked) will continue to be unavailable, forcing the host (or supplier or contractor) to confirm that you have cancelled the reservation, giving the host a double confirmation obligation. The charge to you is no longer attributable to this website, and you should ask the accommodation party (or supplier or contractor) for damages, so this website is not responsible for this damages. 
In the case where the room you are booking is refundable but the reservation is not cancelled during the hesitation period, it is the same as when the room is refundable and the reservation is cancelled during the hesitation period. Only in the case that the room is refundable and the booking is not cancelled during the hesitation period, the contract fee related to the cancellation will be refunded in advance in accordance with the refund agreement signed by the manufacturer (or the supplier or the contractor or the host) The total amount of the agreed room price , and the time basis is based on the website sending you confirmation that your order has been cancelled.   6. If the amount of your credit card is not enough for the host (or supplier or contractor or host) that you booked to pre-authorize the bank, when the host informs this website, this website will also The notice will be transmitted to you by email. If you do not enable the accommodation party to fully authorize the bank within 14 days after receiving the notice, you will be deemed to have cancelled the order.   Note: If you want to cancel your booking after you place your order, you must cancel your booking within the period specified by each accommodation to receive a full refund. Depending on the date, room type, number of days you choose, etc., each hotel will have a different cancellation period, please check it yourself . It should be noted that if you cancel your booking at a foreign hotel within the unsubscribe period, even if you unsubscribe successfully, you will still be charged a 1.5% foreign transaction fee , and this fee is absorbed by you. This website does not substitute Payment .       Disclaimer   (1) Subject to the relevant terms and conditions and the scope permitted by law, in the case of direct loss of the guest due to our failure to fulfill our obligations, our responsibility is to compensate no more than the hotel and tourism services you booked on this website The total cost shown in the booking confirmation letter, regardless of the loss caused by one or more related events.   To the extent permitted by law, this website and its employees , staff , directors, etc. who are employed by the company or other units or personnel involved in assisting, setting up, supporting the website and related content of this website are not responsible for the following situations : 1. Any punitive, special, indirect, derivative loss or damage, any production-related loss, loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of goodwill or reputation, or loss of claim . 2. The information (including room rate, room availability, etc. ) related to any hotel or tourism related service provider (or contractor) on this website is incorrect . 3. Services or products provided by restaurants or tourism-related suppliers (or contractors) or other business partners . 4. Because this web site update delayed, can not use, operation and other aspects suffer, or be produced from any (direct, indirect, consequential, punitive your payment of ) damage, loss or expense . 5. Whether due to hotel or travel-related services of the supplier (or contractor) , or any other business partner of this website (including any of its employees, directors and other employment, subject to care or collaborators) directly or indirectly through this website Provide (promote ) products or services, any (personal) injury, death, property damage, other (direct, indirect, derivative, punitive) damage, loss or expense.   (B) of this website in the service or through the Site or website information service publication, software, products , quality and services may contain errors or incorrect content, including subscription supply situation , quality and price errors. This site does not guarantee accommodation displayed in the service, experience, airlines, cruise ships, restaurants or any other trip travel products or services such as information and descriptions are correct and does not assume any liability ( including, but not limited to price, supply conditions, quality, photo, list of accommodations , comment on , and so on ) . That this site without having to travel all the related services use, validity, quality, appropriateness, suitability and integrity instructions assume any responsibility (and is not responsible), and shall not representations, warranties and other terms, either Implied or statutory in any form, including any warranties of merchantability, title, non-infringement or specific purposes. In addition, this website expressly reserves the right to correct any availability and pricing errors related to the service, and / or to revise incorrect prices .   (C) Since this site is not a travel agency, in this website service or via this website accommodation (offer online booking of hotel) services, third-party vendors tickets, rental, experience, restaurant or cruise information, travel or other services , The contractors are independent contractors , independent suppliers, and not agents or employees of this website . This site is not responsible for the actions, errors, omissions, representations, warranties, infringements, or negligence of any such contractors, suppliers, or for any personal injury, death, property damage, or other damage or expense Take any responsibility. If there is any delay, cancellation, overbooking, oversold , strikes, not attributable to this site, factors of force majeure or other non This site factors can be directly controlled, this site does not bear any responsibility nor refund, and any No liability is assumed for other costs, omissions, delays, changes to the original route or the actions of any government or authority.     (Iv) this site as to online reservations and tourism platform of services , not its users or members ( if your content, include your in within ) any statements provided in the website or any other forum or any other Content is responsible. Although this website has no obligation to screen, edit, or monitor any content published or distributed through any interactive area, this website reserves the right to delete your content (for details, see point 3, ( IV ) 1. (7) of the User Terms ). Therefore, the users or members of this website are solely responsible for the accuracy , completeness and reliability of the content they publish . This website is not responsible or responsible for the content. Covering these contents is provided by hotels and tourism related supplies. The evaluation of suppliers and contractors on their products or services and the personal experience of consumers . This website only collects, analyzes, organizes, converts, and uses these information (especially images, comments, and evaluations) for online reservations and travel related services, that is , the content posted by members or users . on behalf of this site 's position .   (E) This site does not guarantee services, servers, or any of this website information sent ( including e-mail ) are not contain viruses or other harmful components and does not assume any responsibility. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, this website hereby disclaims any warranties and conditions regarding this information, software, services and suppliers, contractors , including merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, ownership, determination of possession and non-infringement All implied warranties and conditions or terms.   (6) According to the above provisions, you shall bear the risk of using the service yourself. 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2. The purpose and method of processing.
3. Specific third party identity about the personal data we disclose. (3) You have the right to obtain the following information: 1. Update, correct and integrate your personal information. 2. If the processing procedure is illegal, you can request to delete and hide your personal data.
(4) You reserve the right to reject all or part of the following procedures: 1. To process your personal data for the purpose of collection under lawful and reasonable circumstances. 2. The purpose of processing your personal information is to send advertising materials or sell services directly to you or provide other online booking services of your preference. (5) You will have the right to stop or terminate the provision of services to you if the personal data provided by you : After being reported or found on this website, it is not enough to confirm your authenticity or other personal data fraud, misappropriation, or false information. This website has the right to stop or terminate the provision of services to you. If you have any inconvenience, please Forgive me.   cookie policy To facilitate the use of members and users, this site will be set on your computer and access to the cookie , the cookie  is a web server and the browser used to communicate with a technology that can identify the difference between the user to save the user The settings of this website and some cached data can save users time, display advertisements that are closer to the user's needs, and count the number of visitors to the webpage . Users can freely cancel or restrict this function through the browser settings. You can choose to modify your browser for cookies acceptance of, if you're using IE , this feature in the " Internet Options" in the "Security in" . If you use Chrome , Click at the top right of the " more " Click [ set ] , and then at the bottom of the [ Advanced ] , the "Privacy and Security" under sequentially click [ Website ] > [cookie] to modify . If you choose to reject all cookies , you may not be able to use some personalised services or participate in certain activities on the site. This website provides you with an excellent online booking search engine and booking service, and in order to improve the convenience and accuracy of user and member input information, this website uses a cookie policy to store the information you browse and search. Therefore, this website writes and reads cookies in your browser under this policy .   Jurisdiction, Governing Law and Supplements   (1) This contract can replace the written contract with an electronic file. (2) This contract shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China. For members, users or participating in the services provided by this website, for disputes arising from this service, these terms of service and relevant specifications of this service, they agree to use the Taiwan Taoyuan District Court as the court of first instance. The original Chinese documents of the relevant provisions of this contract may be translated into multiple languages. The Chinese version of the translation document is only courteous, office translation. If there is a conflict in the future or there is an inconsistency between the original Chinese version and the translated version, only the original Chinese version shall prevail. This original Chinese version is available on this website (Chinese for language selection) or sent to you according to your e-mail request. (3 ) If there are unfinished matters in the provisions of this contract, they can be supplemented by the agreement of the two parties. If there is any doubt, the two parties should negotiate and deal with the principle of friendship and mutual assistance. (4) When this contract is executed in the form of an electronic file, or when using this website for online booking and travel related services , it is deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to all the contents of the above agreed terms. (5) If you have any questions about the user terms or the privacy policy , cookie policy and other terms on this website , please feel free to call us (by phone only) .